Nov 21, 2017
DarkRavie (All reviews)
The story revolves around a teenage girl named Aya and her twin brother Aki, members of the wealthy and powerful Mikage family. On their 16th birthday they are called to the family home to be given a special gift. Instead they find themselves the victims of an ancient family ritual. Aya is proven to be the reincarnation of a celestial maiden called Ceres, the tennyo. And Aki gains the ability to manifest as "Shiso Mikagi", the ancestor of the Mikage family who stole Ceres' celestial robe, without it she cannot return to heaven.

My thoughts:
This anime has everything. Action, love, romance, paranormal... I really enjoyed it. Aya is a strong character that will do anything to right the past wrongs her family has done. Aki at first is gentle and caring, but once host to Shiso, his attitude and demeanor changes drastically to one of violence and hate. Ayashi no Ceres is a story that encompasses a host of emotions that leaves the viewer with a sense of satisfaction. I recommend this anime.