Nov 17, 2017
Geddon616 (All reviews)
Reason for me writing this review is to help people make a decision if its worth their time watching the most cringey boyband in the anime world.

The story well i cant say its bad but i cant say its fun. Lets revive the former idols and become better sound like interesting thing but most of it is spendt learning uninteresting character stories and a random president who says strange things and does stranger things. I felt like it moved at a snail pace and and thats saying something. Its one thing about having a relaxing and chill atmosphere that everyone can enjoy like some other anime got but when you only have watched 10 min it feels like you have sat there looking at the series in slow motion.

Its an idol anime with the most cheesy and boring songs in idol anime history. If you want nostalgia of how old boybands were then yes this anime fits you on the money but if you atleast want decent songs there are others.

The characters are like the story and sound uninteresting and cheesy to bot although some of the tries to pass themselves of as more serious its not that fun cheesy thing that many other idol anime has but its that feeling there you feel every bone in your body cribbling and you wonder what in gods name have i watched. To summarise you got 1 uninspired idol , one over the top idol whos happy about everything , 1 who actually just wants to sing , one who wonder what he even does there and one with an inferior complex which i dont understand.

I didnt enjoy this at all quite simply i just watched it full through cause thats the kind of person i am. I have watched bad anime full through because i want to review them properly although if its on going i cant do that. And this anime wasnt enjoyable at all it was just push through and hope something good happens but that didnt happen.

Overall if you like cute , cringey and uinteresting idol guys whos all random then this is the anime for you but if you want an anime with idols that makes you laugh , like and want to know more about then my advice is pick any other and you will hit better. I know i sound harsh on this anime but when i see it i cant give this anything good.