Nov 17, 2017
SovietWeeb (All reviews)
I found this kind of lacking and just kind of Eh. All together it's not a bad story and it does have it's moments of fun. But for the most part it barely held any of my attention and just kind of had nothing but Cliches.

From reading the description itself i thought that the story was gonna be the reincarnation of a hero that has forgotten his memories and him slowly gaining them back over time, And him also finding one of his former companions sealed in a tomb and her being release.

That or i thought it was just gonna be dude finds hidden and sealed away hot chick that turns out to be very powerful and a legend of old times.

But no we are given a cliche of the MC being worthless and not good at all. Yet he somehow get's these powers or equipment that turns him into a godlike being. Also there is a harem involved so that is also annoying.
~~Spoilers over~~
While it's not bad, It's not great either and just doesn't do anything new or of interest.