Nov 16, 2017
DarkRavie (All reviews)
Appleseed is the story of Deunan Knute, a female soldier who is rescued from the violent ruins of an old city and taken to Olympus, a Utopian metropolis. She is reunited with her former partner and lover, Briareos, who has been turned into a cyborg after sustaining a critical battle injury.

Olympus is a complex society, a mixture of humans and the near-indistinguishable cybernetic human clones called Bioroids, with both sides locked in a constant power struggle.

Deunan and Briareos are soon entangled in a desperate struggle to prevent a plot that threatens to destroy the delicate balance of power and bring about a terrible war between the two races.

My thoughts:
I enjoyed Appleseed. The story was engaging, the animation and background is superb. Though in the beginning you don't know why they grab Deunan, during the course of the story you will learn the why and understand. This is a movie I highly recommend watching.