Nov 16, 2017
edeeyx (All reviews)
This manga was a pleasant surprise for me. When I first saw the cover, I almost groaned as I thought it might be a harem between the main girl and the four boys but I was wrong - though spoiler alert, there is a love triangle mixed in because it's not a shoujo manga without a love triangle, right?

The manga follows Haruno Mitsuki, a loner girl who struggles to make friends. She finds solace in her work, which is across from a basketball court with she holds precious to her as that was where she met her childhood friend, Aya. The cafe where she works is also where she meets the four "famous" boys from her school's basketball team - Kyousuke, Rui, Ryuji and Asakura Towa, who she forms a good friendship with. Mitsuki and Asakura are in the same class and she begins to like him, despite the basketball team not being allowed to start relationships, and Towa shows similar feelings when Aya comes back into the picture, who also has feelings for Mitsuki.

The story sounds kind of cliche with the love triangle - childhood friend, girl, cute boy in the same class, but what I really enjoyed about this manga was the friendship between the four boys and Mitsuki. It feels really genuine and it's fun to see them altogether and how Mitsuki's friendship with each boy differs - each boy has their own personality and it's fun how they interact with each other, Mitsuki and the other characters (Towa is also the best boy tbh).

ART - 7
It's a really cute manga style - it's cute but not super cutesy like, say, Koisuru Harinezumi but it's very clearly a shoujo style. It's cute but it doesn't stand out shoujo manga art style wise (if that makes sense). I don't get same face syndrome from the characters though so that's always nice.

All the main characters - Mitsuki, Towa, Ryuji, Rui, and Kyousuke - all have different personalities and their personalities manage to shine throughout the manga so they're all memorable in their own ways. None of the main characters are forgettable and their designs all being rather different make them much easier to remember and enjoy. As mentioned above, the relationships and interaction between Mitsuki and the four boys are what really makes this manga for me, their friendships feel genuine and the blossoming romance between Mitsuki and Towa never feels out of character or place.

I'm an absolute sucker for shoujo manga, it's my ultimate guilty pleasure, so this manga was right up my alley. I had my hesitations about this manga, seeing as I thought it may be a harem and I don't particularly enjoy that genre, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that Mitsuki doesn't have to struggle with all four of the main boys liking her. As mentioned, there is a love triangle and it does take up a lot of the manga once Aya is introduced and that can get a little annoying, but the manga makes up with the relationships and interactions with Mitsuki and the basketball boys.

I'm really enjoying this manga so far and am looking forward to see the relationships between Mitsuki and Towa, and Mitsuki and Aya and how they're going to play out. More than that though, I'm looking forward to reading about Mitsuki's friendships with the four basketball boys, as that's really what sells this manga to me.