Nov 14, 2017
LucidDreamScape (All reviews)
TL:DR version: Pointless. Pretty, but pointless. Pretty pointless.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is the supplementary CGI movie prequel story to Final Fantasy XV, and if you don't know what Final Fantasy is, then I'm amazed how you were able to watch weeb trash and not know what the FF franchise is. Anyways, this film was made to tell the story of how the city of Insomnia fell and how the Kingsglaive (fancy super knights) and the King failed to save it, for in the game you don't witness the events personally. The real reason why this film was made was so Square Enix to get some extra cash for a game they've put so much time and development into, that if the game wasn't a financial success, the company would have been in the red by now. Also to reuse some scenes that were made for the game, but did't fit into the narrative very well during who knows which version of said game.

Now Lucid, you say that the film is a prequel to this game, and from the description that you gave it, this story seems like it's of some level of importance, but you called it pointless, why so? Well I'm glad you asked! Nothing in this film really expands on the story or world in any important way, at all. Everything you learn in the film can be learned in the game itself, and it doesn't really flesh out anything important to enhance the experience of playing the game.

You see, a prequel has to do these 2 things to be considered something worth watching. It must properly flesh out the story and/or world of something that you watched, read, or played. It has to be that puzzle piece that you had no idea was missing, and once you fit that piece in, it fit very well into the overall picture. And 2, it must stand on it's own as a story. If it's just more fleshing out and world building, that's fine, but it's something one would really tell someone else to sit through unless they really liked this other thing they sat through.

I am "glad" to say that Kingsglaive fails at both. I've already described why the film doesn't really do anything to help with the story of XV, but as a stand alone story, it's a really boring action film that looks pretty, sure, but I can't feel anything for the garbage characters or generic plot this film is trying to make me like. More on the boring action, everything is so overblown and over the top, you really lose any sense of pleasure early on, and everything afterwards is just on the same level, therefore being unimpressive. And the characters are so underwritten that I can't really care if they're in danger or not. The OG Gundam animation is dated as all hell, but anytime Amuro fights Char, I am hyped because the series has built up those two characters so well, that I want to see them fight, even if the animation is super weak by modern standards.

And I talk about the action so much because that's what this film has going for it really. There's not much to talk about anything, so best to talk about the 1 thing it really wants to show off, and it fails at doing that. Really, there was 1 time I enjoyed my time watching this movie, and it would be spoilers so I shouldn't really say. Still, it's not like I would even recommend anyone this movie, so I won't say "Watch this one short action sequence, it is so worth the rest of the trash that this movie is!"

Well, the other thing this movie wants to show off is how pretty it is, and while yes, the CGI animation is impressive, and will probably age well thanks to the style not really aiming to be realistic, the art direction is very colorless and cluttered. You will mostly remember the colors black and white, and dark grays. And particle effects, lots of them. Now I'm not saying that having a less colorful aesthetic is inherently bad, far from that, but this movie doesn't really pull off the look it wants to go for.

Once agai, really boring and pointless, looks nice, not offensive. Oh yeah, I watched this in English, and some of the English speaking actors were either given terrible direction or are just bad. The lip flaps (save for the final scene after the credits) were impressive, but still, weak dub. Can't say I saw the Japanese, nor do I really want to. Yeah.

Light 2 outta 10