Nov 14, 2017
KlintlLeaf (All reviews)
Since I have been learning about how animations are made I can tell from my kinda professional knowledge that this anime is REALLY GREAT.

If I had to rate it now it would be 9.5. but later even 10. I really don't like to rate stuff in numbers

While you think that the story progresses quite slow it's actually testing viewers abilities to find what could be the main plot of the whole story. Before you even notice ,the main point is thrown stright into your face and you kinda feel dumb for not notiicing it (opening, and other small details).

While the style now is quite rare newdays , it has good feeling about it. Like a fresh breath of country air. You come to like it a lot.

The sounds compliment the whole plot but not overshadow it.

I am amazed by how smart the author has made them. All their plot twisted characteristics and stuff. Not to mention relief characters that really complimented the main ones( Lotte, Magie etc.).

God. It was awesome. Maybe ,since I couldn't notice the main point only when it was thrown at me. I went into happy overdose. I COULDN'T predict many upcoming things and that was like fantastic and mind opening about how predictatable/clichē some other stories have become.

If I had a bit more time I would definitely watch all episode in one day.
I think that I kind of forgot some stuff overnight, but the main point was remembered.

This might have been long review but in order to review it best it was necessary.

For those who still read this review- thanks and good job. At least some found it interesting.