Nov 14, 2017
PepaND (All reviews)
Have you ever cried and smiled at the same time? Ever felt a broken heart and a heartwarming feeling at the same time? Wanna feel mentally destructed yet ascend to mind at peace? Well search longer not! This anime provides more than needed.

Even though I was never the one to read mangas, I must say that I do enjoy animes. And this one is by far the most entertaining ( of course what is best changes on my mood), but as for now, it is.

As for story, it was by my view flawless. It didn't lack plot development. It was keeping at an amazing pace, which made every episode interesting. The studio didn't overdevelop side stories. And that pretty much sums it. The anime simply had a wonderful story.
But then I am actually not a judging type, and I am unexperienced with norms of anime. Nonetheless flawless in my eyes.

I myself don't know much about art, but for me it was very pleasant to look at. I just never had a time where I had to stop, because of unnatural movement of a body...

The music used in this anime was amazing. It matched every moment, but I had hoped for more feels striking, If ya know what I mean.

Characters played a very big part in this one. I've never seen so much character development. And they always made a logical decision so, if you have experienced it, you don't have to scream WHY! every moment in this anime. Though since I am a romantic sort of guy I had really hoped for some yknow romantic development, though not dissapointed. Just my taste that's all.

And as for enjoyment, I loved every second that I could spend watching this particular anime.

That said, I don't think I will ever miss my sleep nor the preparation to my school. I felt really tired but never have I smiled so much and cried so much at one same moment. I still remember friends asking me why the heck am I smirking. And I simly replied Life is beautiful, let's value every moment. That's something trivial, but a friendly reminder from this anime was more than heart touching.