Nov 13, 2017
Azusura (All reviews)
I used to be LLSIF fan before, so naturally I had to watch it. Im not a huge fan of sif anime, I prefer the game and Im pretty sure a lot of people feel the same.
After a huge popularity of Muse, creators wanted to make another idol group, sadly Aqours wasn't accepted that warm by the fandom. People keep saying that LLS anime is bad, but honestly its better than origial LLSIP anime.
Music, art and basicially everything is a really really good. Staff paid much attention to details, its really easy to notice. Love Live quality keep getting better and better, I can't even say how good now everything is.
In season 2 more characters started to develop and we can learn more about them. Creators learned from mistakes from previous Love Live anime and they fixed it in current one. Aqours had a long and harder way to become popular than Muse. That makes it more realistic. All girls are doing mistakes, they trying their best to save the school and become popular.
Some episodes are boring and similiar to old Love Live School Idol Project ones, but there are of course briliant ones. The majority of good things in LLSIF is really high, so its definitely worth watching, even if few episodes are not memorable at all.