Nov 7, 2017
CecaniahCorabele (All reviews)
"Have you ever fall in love on the internet?"

The world has been connected with the international network since the edge of the 20th century, online chatting and online games have been one of 'everyday chores' until this period, we indirectly communicate with each other to gather information, play, or just to chat. The online communities keep growing larger and larger, and whenever a community grows larger, some potential can be noticed (look at MAL for example).

Net-Juu no Susume notice that potential, bringing the same concept as last year's NetoYome, Net-Juu no Susume brings us a tale of a female voluntary unemployed, Morioka Moriko as she stumbles up to one of the online game from internet's recommendation, as she plays as a 'he' in that game. She gets along with Lilly, a female character who turns out to be a young male employee in the real world.

The anime is a good example of 'Good anime didn't need certain complexity to be enjoyable'. With that simplistic concept, this anime didn't need a long time to make us (the audience), feel attached to the story and characters in the series. It may be not as original as we hope, but the execution was marvelous. It flows easily and perfectly placed without forcing it to be understandable. The anime makes us want to see more even though the art and sound itself is not as god-tier as other anime these days. Characters are awesome, main characters interaction is always more interesting than we could ever expect. I believe these lovebirds personality can fill each other blackness.

Overall, Net-Juu no Susume is perfect for those who like light-hearted. Watching it won't be a burden for you and it should give you more than it could be.