May 22, 2010
Sephiroths_M (All reviews)
Ok, thins movie doesn't get as much credit as it should due to the first one. This is a must see for anyone not just Final Fantasy fans.


If you've seen the first one, you know it has alot of fan service by having all their favorite characters in the movie. It still has that and more, it fills all the plot holes and unanswered questions and other things that made you think "wtf?" All in all the story is well told.


CGI graphics have never looked better than they do in Advent Children Complete. Let me just say that Blue-Ray DOES make a difference.


Is situational, I have a surround sound system that made it seem life like, but as I said before it's all situational.


In Advent Children Complete, the characters are more developed then they were in the original. Take Denzel for example, in the first one he is a completely new character with no background. In Complete they bridge that gap by explaining how and why he's living with Cloud and Tifa.


The fight scenes are amazing! They're extended a little more than in the original. The story is easier to follow and the graphics will keep you in awe the entire movie.