Nov 3, 2017
xAzaelx (All reviews)
Story: (3)
We have a male protagonist, who is forced into a arranged marriage. Further the protagonist is cursed, when splashed with cold water, he will turn into a woman. So, the story is a romance, plus the search for a cure for the curse, somewhat.
The romance part was a huge let down, while there were some short romantic moment, those moments were never satisfying to read since all of those moments where destroyed by trying to hard to to be funny. (using characters go to jokes) The peak of the let down was the "on the brink of death, I love you, oh I survived and heard everything"-part. And on top of that, again ruined by trying to be funny.
Search for the cure:
There were sections where there was a potential cure, which turned out to not work... Until the end of the story. Period.
Rest of the Story: just random slapstick comedy.

Art: (9)
There is nothing to rant about the art and drawings. Everything was looking good and was drawn well.

Characters: (1)
No mental character development. The characters did not change a bit from beginning to end of this manga. And so did the comedy. Always same behavior patterns. Was just annoying at some point for some characters ...

Enjoyment: (5)
Well, I did read it till the end, so I did enjoy it to some degree. The Comedy was at first funny, but the jokes got repetitive and cracking the same joke over and over and over until the end, just got annoying. Same chapter's where so annoying, that I just skipped them.
There where some cute moments, but they always got ruined by the comedy.