Oct 30, 2017
joschmo11 (All reviews)
Shokugeki is... A cooking battle shonen. For me some shows will always be defined by their premise, and this is certainly one of them. Gintama is historical science fiction comedy. Mushishi is supernatural hiking. And this is Chopped ramped alllll the way up to 11. The best part about this, is that the show knows it is, and consequently pours its all into being exactly what it is: a carousel of mouth watering food, excessive dinner-induced fanservice, and quirky, plucky characters.

To be honest there's not much more to say about this next installment in the series. The plot is advancing closer to the point we've been waiting for since the beginning of season one, the animation remains solid all around and beautiful when it comes to food, the characters are continuing their bits of growth while maintaining most of the running gags, and its an absolute blast to watch. And that lack of excess fat might be why its so darn entertaining, and a tie back to my first point: this show knows exactly what it is, and it does exactly that at a consistently high level. its self assured, and that's what keeps its edge.

Its sharpest point outside the premise comes in the form of its characters. The show as a whole contains a large cast list, and the vast majority of these people are not only given backstories, but evolve alongside the main character. The show desperately needs this to compensate for the lack of true action scenes one would typically associate with the genre, and it does so with aplomb. Accomplishing the balancing act of having a true main character while still developing other pieces is one that few shows attempt, and even fewer pull off to the extent Shokugeki continues to.

In short, this is not the deepest anime. But it keeps an ever expanding, colorful cast, an endearing main character, some incredible sounding food, and is conceptually an inventive spin on the standard shounen anime. An absolute blast!