Oct 30, 2017
Best-Red (All reviews)
(Possible minor spoilers ahead, if you haven't seen the first ep you have been warned)

To start off, this show title doesn't give a very good description of what the actual content entails, “Recovery of an MMO Junkie“ would make many think (well at least what I thought) a show entailing possible game rich functions, ideas and the such. Unfortuantly though it has more come across as more a pre-tense for the show and it revolves around a RomCom based structure, if you liked “Kiss Him, Not Me ” there's a good chance you'll like this show, they show many similar things and the comedy aspect is roughly the same.

Story: 5/10
MC meet MC2 out of random thing, they for some reason click, they have some comedic events and some down spells, standard structure for a RomCom, but what adds from that? So far nothing. Besides ye ol gender bender trick its pretty straight forward.
5 outta 10 you say? Man that doesn't sound that high, and no it doesn't but that's mainly because of my own pet peeves I might add. The show points out the MC is a previous MMO nut, and claims to be an “elite NEET”, from there the MC proceeds to need constant assistance on basic MMO structures and proceedings, doesn't sound super “elite MMO nut” to me.
MC runs into someone who wants to help from seeing them fail too often, this screams Deus ex machina, but its needed for the plot to progress, which is kinda annoying to swallow but it will be allowed. From here its just happy go lucky RomCom standard, you know whats going to happen, you know how its gunna turn out, there's not a lotta variety going on. For the comedy aspect, id say your usual troupes are had, the embarrassment to get a couple giggles, but I only really felt anything in one or two scenes over 4 episodes.

Characters: 5/10
The characters are there, and they each have their own feel about them, but it's more a each has their “thing” than each having different personality's, It has a very RomCom feel setup which is a given, MC1 is nervous about everyone and talking about things making them bashful/embarrassed when doing anything. MC2 just playing the tough card but inside they too act the same. MC3 is like MC2 but plays the envy card, and finally MC4 for the laughs, more confused to how there was a lacking of the tsundere card, gets a thumbs for that atleast.

Sound: ?/10
Wouldn't be able to give you a rating for sound, because I haven't really noticed it, besides the opening and ending.

Art: 4/10
Flat art style is very generic, in game looks like every other show on the market, and when this is 90% of the show representation kinda doesn't help out. A lot of the time spent is still background shots and talking phases in basic settings (A tree, a blue brick castle, a fountain) Not a lot going on, nor does it really stick out as creative or interesting. Outside of the game MC art style is a little more creative which gives some nice flair but not enough to out weigh the previous problem.

Overall: 5/10
It's not bad bad, but its got a ways of being good, if I hadn't have seen “Kiss Him, Not Me” I probably would have thought more of it, but it feels very similar in design THUS far, it could change in one episode and become a 9 you never know.

If you like RomComs, give it a go you may like it, but don't start this show if you are thinking it will have a decent gaming environment aspect. Seems very generic based with some tweaking, this is my opinion and you might like it, as they say each to their own, I will watch it through till the end but so far its seeming like shows I've already seen.