Oct 27, 2017
naisu_gai (All reviews)
So far, there's only limited amount of translated chapters.
I was able to read the rest of the chapter because I know how to read korean.
I finished the whole thing.

1) Art: 8

I thought the art was pretty unique. All the characters are kind of weird, but it stands out really well. Fighting and everything is pretty cool.

2) Enjoyment: 6

I would want to give a higher rating if I only read through the half of the series. Fight scenes and everything is pretty cool, so I was able to enjoy it, but eventually, the whole thing went south. And the story part... I'll explain it later, but it turned me off so I didn't enjoy it as much.

3) Character: 6

Characters were pretty unique. The main dude, the main girl, friends, and the chairman. They were pretty interesting at the beginning. You know that when you are going through it, these people are kinda crazy. Well, as the story progresses, they kind of become even crazier. Except for the main girl and the friends, I really don't like any of the characters anymore. The chairman and main dude, especially.
I won't spoil anything. The chairman, we know he is crazy. Later on, it'll become apparent that he's not just crazy. You just don't understand this guy. He's like that one guy who pisses people off and doesn't do anything good, just because that's how he is. The story explains his motive, but honestly, it's not really something to my liking, and regardless of happy ending or not, I just didn't care about this guy at all.
Main guy. He's kind of generic to me. In the beginning, he's like this guy who wants to help everyone. That's cool and admirable I guess. But you kind of get that he's more of a guy that watches how people are doing, and gives that inspirational speech at the end. I can't say much about what happens without spoiling, but later on, something happens, and I just didn't care about this guy anymore. It's like his whole reasoning for change is ridiculous. And his choices are just ridiculous.
For other characters, I thought they were alright, but I never really liked any of them in the end.
It's like story kind of throws everyone out the window at the end, I think.

4) Story: 6

I think I'm being generous when I give 6 for the story. I'll say this. Currently, the english scan is only up to like less than half. I think about 3.5/5 through the story, it's pretty decent, and I would actually give it about 7.5 or 8. But the last 1.5/5 is just kind of stupid, and it really brought the whole score down for me. The progression of the story and what being revealed made me not happy. It sucks that I can't spoil anything because I don't want to ruin people's experience, but to me, at least, it was just not a great ending. It's confusing, how things led up to that moment, the message about love and all that. It just doesn't make sense.
I got confused by the ending, so I looked around to see what other people were saying, and it seems that most people are just outright confused too. I like happy endings, sad endings, and mostly endings that make me feel something and think of something. This ending didn't do that.
Overall, I felt that the author kind of dragged the story in the end, and just kind of finished it without really considering how a right message would be conveyed for the audience.
I really wished that it would've ended better than what I read at least, but it is what it is.

5) Overall: 6

If you come across this, when everything is translated, I guess I would tell you to go for it.
I'm not really recommending it, but at least it'll give you better understanding of where I'm coming from. Or maybe not.

If you are starting this, when it's still being translated, I think it's better to just read something else.
I finished the story because I hate not knowing how things go to the end, but this wasn't satisfying for me when I read that last page.

That ending, man... The whole story. THE WHOLE STORYYYY.