Oct 25, 2017
Gimme_Apen (All reviews)
If you're looking for a space exploration manga with likable characters and awesome plot, This is the manga for you

Story = 10
I like how the story unfolds, it isn't slow nor was it too fast-paced but just about the right amount. It hardly have any filler since each chapter builds up the story, stacks nicely, and how it kept me wanting for more.

Art = 9
""The art compliments the story"

It's a tip top quality as you can get. From the ships detail, to the scenery of different Biome, and the food they eat. Great quality.

Character = 9
If the plot is the cream, then the characters are the cherry! Each have their own distinct character traits. Sure their archetypes are quite often used now and then, but they are handled quite smoothly so they aren't too annoying or boring for the readers.

Enjoyment = 9

Heck yeah! I like firefly and some swashbuckling space adventure so I got easily leashed on this series. A little side dish to relieve some taste from reading an abundant amount of Isekais that the manga industry is pumping this year.

In other word, Yes, this is worth the read as each adventure is enjoyable and just as amusing as the previous one.

Overall = 10
Give it a go and let 'er seep deep within your deepest darkest consciousness, to fill your companion longing heart, mind boggling plot that will keep your butt cheeks tighter to the chair like a vacuum sucker to keep you glued on to your reading chair, Let those serotonin spread all over the brain cell and feel...

... Legendary