Oct 24, 2017
ClumsyByFact (All reviews)
Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu has a simple premise, MC Komi is adored by everyone in her class and people in general, however, she has a major communication problem. She can't talk to people at all, gets nervous easily about the simplest interactions and nobody notices this, until Tadano noticed it, and became her first friend. After that, we meet some new people and usually each chapter has some short story to tell that are really interesting and funny.

Story 10/10
The premise I wrote above, it is really interesting to see how Komi handles everything, from interactions with her family, classmates or people in general to her slowly opening herself and expressing her desires. Chapters are usually short stories with romance and comedy bits and it works really well, and romance is well spread so it doesn't get boring or annoying while comedy is well done and funny. I feel the manga is progressing in a well paced manner, from the character developing aspect to romance aspect.

Art 8/10
Art when it needs makes character look cute, and often we get full body shots from head to toe how characters are dressed that look awesome. In general art is nothing that you haven't seen before, it works for this manga and for its setting.

Character 9/10
Concerning main characters, Komi is really fun and different character from any manga. Shy and withdrawn because of her communication disorder, but as she slowly opens up to Tadano and rest of the people she gets more and more layers. Her counterpart is Tadano, he can read people really well, wanted to have a normal life without to much drama at the beginning but changed his mind after meeting Komi. They work really well together.
Side characters at the beginning were a little bit weak. We got Najimi that was hit and miss, a girl that calls herself Komi's dog and Yamai who I really, really don't like, she is something of a yandere to Komi. However, I do think that they got much better over time. First, Najimi got more spotlight, running gag about her is really funny and her interactions with Tadano, classmates or professors are really well done and funny, she developed into my favorite character. They also introduced Nakanaka, Big sister, the slow speaking girl and a thug, all four characters are really interesting and fun to read. Only reason why I don't think characters are 10/10 is Yamai, who I find really annoying and people that all worship komi. It was funny at the beginning and it can be funny even now, but usually it is a bit predictable and boring.

Enjoyment 10/10
I am really enjoying this manga. It is well paced, funny and has a lot of cute moments. It is a type of manga that you can't stop reading when you start, and you will be smiling all the way through, either because it is really funny or because something really cute happened.

Overall 9/10
Obviously, manga isn't finished yet so I don't want to give it a 10 right now. I hope that manga keeps progressing the way it has and developing new stories on the way. It is one of my favorite manga that is being published right now and if it continues this way it is going to be a fantastic series. If you like romance or comedy, you will probably like this manga.