Oct 24, 2017
ChaosMeat (All reviews)
"Shokugeki no Souma looks stupid, it's just a story about a guy that likes to cook food"

Good god, this anime series....
The anime that made me start cooking good food other than eggs and burgers.
Shokugeki no souma is just so amazing, it's only been 4 episodes and they look so good, that all of them made me smile of enjoyment like it was nothing.
It's unbelievable the way they can put out such an intresting and joyful story, and combine it with the so well done music and sounds.
The time that we have waited for this season was not too long, but it was kind of painful, at least for me, in a way that I wanted so bad to continue watching and enjoying the way they make food and show it to the viewers.
The first episode was so refreshing, really made me feel like it has been so long since I last watched season 2, with the opening, the animation, the sound, and above all else, THE FOOD !
Episode 2 and 3 showed a little bit more what Souma wanted and we were waiting for the beast to come out of his den !
Episode 4 was so astounding, I won't spoil, but in the end of the episode, if you are like me, you will have that huge smile coming out of enjoyment.

I can't say much more about it, it's most likely I don't have words to describe how outstanding this show is, I can only say one thing, and that is ---> Shokugeki no Souma