Oct 22, 2017
SovietWeeb (All reviews)
This was a nice surprise. I thought for sure this was just gonna be something like a ecchi manga that you would forget about in a couple day's . But i am gladly mistaken.

The story is nicely paced. While one of the MC's ( The sword) Is powerful and can do his own. His power is only able to shine when Fran ( 2nd MC) Is wielding him. This is a nice change. While yes the MC is powerful he isn't game breaking unless someone is around to use him.

Fran is also really adorable. If i remember she is 14 or around that age. She has an awesome personality

Both of these two together and they kind of are an adorable team. I like imagining what this would be like in Anime form. But that isn't gonna happen anytime soon.

First couple chapters aren't that great. It takes the story tell around chapter 11 or 12 for the story to really start picking up.

Some of the story arcs we've seen aren't all that great. The Lych story arc i found to be boring and nothing of interest happens. We did have Fran attack a sentient Skeleton and i feel they missed a good story arc.

They could've has the Sentient Skeleton be some girl that was cursed and now has to live her live away from the populace eyes. Have the entire thing be pretty much about Fran going about finding a way to cure her curse.

I also feel that the Barbra story arc wasn't that great. It felt like it dragged on for too long.

The Ulmut story arc i really liked. The Dungeon Master is awesome and i'v been wanting Fran to have a parental figure. I like imaging that once Fran is done with her quest that she will end up spending the rest of her days with either the Dungeon Master or Amanda and have them as her adoptive parents

Kiara story arc i find kind of interesting. I kind of wish they'd find a potion or something and give it to her and have the potion give Kiara the body she has when she was still 15 or so

We do have characters like Amanda that i really like and the Dungeon Master. Both of them are probably my favorite characters the story has offered to date. I wish we got more time with them. I honestly see both Amanda and the Dungeon Master as the best role models for Fran and the best parental figures

Would recommend to check this out.