Oct 22, 2017
NiBer (All reviews)
This is probably the only anime I watched that starts out very poorly first few episodes only to get increasingly better with each consecutive episode.

To be honest, I did fast forward/skip through some parts of first three-four episodes since they seemed nauseatingly boring at times, and I had planned to drop the anime once I made sure there was nothing in it for me, but I'm glad I stuck around.

At start, the animation looked weird, and it remained under average through the anime. From the title alone, Konbini Kareshi, you can tell what the plot of the anime will vaguely be, however it has a few aces in its sleeve that will get revealed later in the story as to why it got that name. The characters started out bland, almost indistinguishable one from another, especially the male ones(they even got similar hairstyles), however they(inc. males) receive decent development afterwards. Character interactions were somewhat cringy at the beginning but later improved. Music is also surprisingly enjoyable and it fits the mood well, again, especially at later parts. I do like that they were very consistent with the fairy tale they used as a metaphor throughout.

I think you get the idea and understand my first point from reading my second paragraph about what I meant. It's one of those anime that you need to grind a bit to get to the good part.

For an anime that as of writing this review has only 6.34 rating, it definitely has a lower grade than it deserves. They are quite a few melodies I fancied but having trouble downloading illeg- uh... I mean, buying it, since the anime isn't very popular with barely over 30k members as of writing the review. We'll see how many it gets over time and whether the rating will, hopefully, improve.
One thing I should definitely mention is if you're looking for a decent romance anime, it is satisfactory. It may not be the next Toradora, Maid-sama or Clannad, but it's definitely worth your time, in my humble opinion.