Oct 22, 2017
SovietWeeb (All reviews)
"Some guy get's killed or is suddenly taken into a different world with all these new powers and is insanely strong" Sound familiar ?

With these stories coming out that seem to want to take advantage of the popularity of this genre and stories such as Overlord. It is hard to find a story that is actually unique and offers something new.

But Yasei no Last Boss ga Arawareta! is a nice little star in this sea of darkness.
While the story does involve a character being brought into a new world and having a ton of these amazing powers. This story doesn't have the story revolve around this the MC being overpowered and doesn't have every character be arrogant and annoying while claiming no one can beat them. It also doesn't have all these females going after the MC and wanting to sleep with them.

This story is seeming to decide more on the story and lore of the world while having an emotional feel to the story. Such as how your companions would react to seeing you again after 200 years after thinking you were dead. It does actually have some emotional feel going on and is different than any other story with the same premise going on. In those stories. Whenever a emotional thing is meant to be happening. We are just told what to feel. We aren't shown why or how the character feels . Yasei no Last Boss ga Arawareta! actually takes time to explain what's going on what's happening.

Like i mentioned before this story doesn't have all these chicks trying to go and sleep with the MC. The MC does have a couple chicks around. But they haven't shown the slightest sexual interest in the MC ( May just have to do with the MC being a female, Just maybe..)

The girls around the MC aren't annoying and they have pretty adorable designs without any of them being dressed very slutty.

But like i mentioned earlier the MC is a female in this. MC was a guy but turned into his female character he made in a game. The issue with is the fact the MC doesn't have much if any reaction to being a Female, New Body or being in a new world. I tended to not even think about this while reading. But now that i think about it it's kind of weird imo to have him not show any care to it really. I do love stories with gender bending elements. They tend to be funny and interesting imo.

Something else worth of note is the stuff going on with the MC and the character the MC created. The MC inhabiting his character he created is having the memories of that character. So when the MC get's sad about something that happened awhile ago it actually makes sense. Cause the MC remembers this stuff happening. It's kind of like the MC is becoming the character. Kind of hope they expand more on this. It's a nice touch that i haven't really seen before. It is something that i always thought of when reading story with X becoming someone else. I always wonder what about the person they became ? Kind of want to know what the character is thinking. Such as having the character be a phantom while constantly being around the MC in their body.

This is a nice story that made me feel an emotion on a story. Only emotion i tend to feel in any type of media is anger at stupid stories. So this being able to hit the feels was surprising. Even more so when you look at the story only being 5 chapters in so far. If the story keeps going like it is i could see this being a really good story. Hell, I can see this being turned into a anime with. The art style of this makes me want too that.

Lastly i'm calling it that the MC was always the chick ( I can't remember how to spell her name) to begin with. It makes even more sense with the MC remember the chicks memory.

Edit: Just read the 6th chapter and it's a goddamn *trap* Why ? Why couldn't it just be a female only harem ?!?