Oct 17, 2017
bhivania (All reviews)
Hentai names can be complicated. 8-shaku 8-wa Kerakumeguri: Igyou Kaikitan The Animation is my 1st horror hentai and it was a right decision to watch this.
This Hentai is about a giant monster women or ghost who prey on little kids muhahaha and by prey I mean have sex with them.
This is 100% for you if you have a shota(kid fucking giant women) fetish

Fetish satisfied - Giantess, shota , Big boobs , big ass

Story 9/10
Most of the hentai don't even have a story but this one omg a giant women monster who prey upon little kids. I mean what more can you ask for

Art 9/10
Art is one of the strong point of this anime. available in HD this hentai meet the standers of 2017

sound 8/10
What i loved is the voice acting of giantess very cute so much pain in the voice when the boy leaves her

character 9/10
The character is at least not cliche the giantess is some times scary sometime cute and innocent very strong and memorable character

Enjoyment 8/10
I enjoyed and I would recommend this to everyone who have the fetish written above

overall 8/10
For a hentai this is a very good score something new something you should watch