Oct 16, 2017
lucris (All reviews)
This is a manga about a girl with communication problem, komi-san, her everyday life and how she can get over this disturbance she has. Spoiler free review

Well, to start a TL;DR in topic:
+ a cute romance with simple moments like a telephone's call, share an umbrela, express your feelings with textting
+ good main characters, and i woud say the best 'extremally simple' main character i already saw
+ a good comedy about communication problem

- very poor supporting characters

Story 9/10
In addition to helping the main heroine, Komi-san wants to have 100 friends.
At first it does not apresent an innovative proposal, several mangas have this, but what catches me most in this is that both main characters are very cute together, and komi-san trying to explain the situation that involves her and her feelings surfacing while she makes friends along with tadano-kun are very good. We have very heartwarming moments like splitting an umbrella, expressing feelings on a blackboard, or even making a simple call to each other. It is a light romance and a funny comedy

Art 08/10
It's a good art, well designed characters, a normal background scenery, does not stand out much but the komi-san with big eyes in various scenes are pretty cute, and as a 4-koma manga its a very good one

Characters 7/10
Here it weighs a lot the score, besides the main characters that are very good, 10/10 i would say, the supporting are 06/10. Every character(and MC too) has simple features, one-dimensional characters, but the secondary ones are pretty bad, like a crazy yandere that licks the hair of the komi that is on the floor, or characters that want to pick up the piece of ground where komi-san has fallen. Well it's funny, but even so the manga's romance is much better than those comedy moments. After chapter 40 appers some good characters, but sttill is a weak point of this manga

Enjoyment 10/10
I really like it a lot because I can identify with komi-san, and the situations she tries to get through are a lot of fun.