Oct 15, 2017
Preliminary (8/240 chp)
A professional hitman having to live as a normal person for 1 year, already original. My first impression was quite good, interesting story and introduction of the main character Fable, who is quite the badass. This is going to be a simple review as not much is currently out for The Fable in English.

Story: 9
The story struck me before I had even read because of its originality and it's a seinen which makes it semi-serious and appealing to the older demographic but still has its satire going with the story.

Art: 7
The art varies to me as at some points it is very well drawn and human-like but also seems to be traced or looks like it was made with Clip Studio Paint. (not entirely a bad thing.) Heard Gantz did something similar.

Characters: 9
Fable being introduced was already cool but he's also hilarious in his own way with his mistakes as a normal person and how he solves certain situations and issues and is of course as explained in the manga, a genius.

Enjoyment: 9
Overall a really great manga and has good comedy to back up the seinen genre with a great main character and an original story made me really enjoy this underrated and mostly unknown manga.

Overall: 9
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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