Oct 15, 2017
MrLegitimacy (All reviews)
Just when you thought GT was the worst possible Dragon Ball animation ever produced, they hit you with the TV special. I would class this with the Star Wars holiday special, in its total lack of merit and besmirchment upon its parent franchise. This 45 minute charade contains almost no fighting, and the only commonalities with any Dragon Ball you've ever experienced are limited to character likenesses and child anatomy presented for humor. While not its only trespass, the greatest of its sins is its sinister deception of the audience, leading them to believe this will bear some semblance to the Dragon Ball they know and love. Close behind is the fact that it presents us with an unlikable main character who is just as terrible at the end of the story as he is at the beginning. *coughShinji Ikaricough*

Watch this if you want to see a wimpy character, undeservingly inhabiting the visage of Goku cause all sorts of terrible things and never change for the better.