Oct 15, 2017
KamilTheMofo (All reviews)
David Productions decided to give JoJo fans an Rohan OVA instead of any informations about the animated version of Vento Aureo, at first I was optimistic... until I saw the teasers and screenshots (Okuyasu what have they done to you). My pessimism was growing more and more until I actually watched it, and I was pleasantly suprised

I'll start with the best thing about the episode which is suprisingly the animation and music. Everything looks great, the animation itself is smooth and the overall style fits the tone of the story, especially the moments with the darker colour pattern look very nice. The Music... well it's David Productions so there's not much to talk about, it's really good, especially the opening and the ending

After getting that out of the way let's talk about the story which is told using only three characters (not counting the final scene which is more like a cameo of the main cast of DiU). There's also not much to talk about here, the setup is pretty good, there is no deeper message in here, it's simple but also pretty interesting, if you're looking for action you won't find it here, the story focuses more on the mystery surrounding the "Millionaire Villiage". The previously mentioned characters are also nothing special (well maybe except Rohan, I think that guy's great but that's only my personal opinion).

Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan is nothing special, but it's a short really enjoyable episode, I recommed you'll give it a watch