Oct 14, 2017
DesolatePsyche (All reviews)
First things first. My "reviews" system is explained on a blog entry. Which can be found through my profile.
Somewhat review for the whole franchise. By somewhat I mean a minimally, as I watched previous seasons many years ago.

The whole story I'll sum up in a following way. Story is basically about martial artists who use power of historical and legendarry warriors. That's all you need. There is plenty of character development and depth to a story whilst staying now and then simple as fodder for fights. Story I didn't mind for the most times, it was fun to know about various powers and cause of their fights. Probably story presentation wise only complaint I have and a big complaint as it's something I despise in general, are they rapey themes.

Music and OST is quite enjoyable and hype at times. So don't have much complaint for the sound part, it's good, but nothing amazing.

As for art I have a quite a specific complaint about it. It's a fanservice anime obviously, but usually with fanservice you either get cute fanservice, lewd fanservice, sexy/hot fanservice and so on, but with this anime it felt really "loose" type of women fanservice, not sure if s word is allowed in reviews thus the "loose" word. Anyhow, women were here hot, but not in a enjoyable way. They really felt loose type of hot, which was a huge turnoff. Ofcourse style of clothing was also pretty loose. Good for those who like breast, as this franchise offers lot of clothes being ripped and also western type of body types and clothes with "loose" vibe that they ooze with.

Anyhow, art was for most part good, fights were cool, could see lot of women, but style was simply not nice for me at all. Looseness regarding fanservice is worst type of fanservice for me.

There are a lot of characters in this franchise. Some are good, some are okay, some literally annoy the hell out of me. Lot of s...."loose" type of women as well and plenty of rapists on both gender sides... But development and the links between all of the characters nevertheless left off a good impression.

✦Enjoyment & Overall

It's been like 7 years since I watched last "Ikki Tousen" , score'wise it seems that I used to enjoy it more than now. But yeah the obvious things that I pointed out that I disliked and big factor for it. I did like the fights and plenty of chicks. But yeah, biggest downside which miracously didn't lower score that much was the whole thematic of "looseness" that anime simply oozed of.. was absolutely a biggest turnoff of this anime.

Feel like this was more of a personal view rant, but ehm that what reviews basically are. Each viewer creates their own point of view and dislikes&likes regarding what is being "reviewed" . Mine simply changes its shape now and then. Feedback is welcome on my blog where review system is being explained.

To sum it all up. Ikkitousen is a good franchise, if you don't like fanservice, that I do not recommend to watch this at all as it's one of the pinnacle of annoying fanservice anime. (for me), but if you like any sorts of fanservice and on top of the this type of "looseness" style, then its your Anime. As well if you want to watch for most part cool martial arts fight sequences, then it's as well your anime.