Oct 14, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
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Tags: Big Breasts, Cosplay, Gender Bender, F/m, Maid, Shota, Swimsuit, Vanilla

Deceiving and not straight forward in terms of history. How did this situation happen? Was it taking advantage of innocent, need for a home? Is this implied incest? Look closely at the eyes they match color. That could just be coincidence but does make one wonder.

Introduction was slightly different and made the art slightly more real. Often art is drawn as art but when art is drawn in a camera perspective it gives the viewer a slightly more realistic look. For in a way it kind of makes your brain forget its art.

Conclusion was nice but wasn't creative or indicating a sequel. To me that told me the creators wanted to just do their job nothing more. They could care less what the public wanted.

Overall: Lacked on plot. Focused on the act of love. Which makes me wonder how much female staff had a hand at making official touches. For me i find females to be sensual. While that doesn't mean they can't enjoy the act of sex; I was just expecting that there would be a heavy plot. You know, drama. Of some kind. Let's say the mother comes into the picture of the boy and asks how the boy is enjoying his extracurricular activities. For all we know this could have been presented as an alternative to sex ed. Or for a more drama build up, what if the mother demands her child back?