Oct 12, 2017
peetza (All reviews)
I don't believe there's anything I can add to the GT discussion that hasn't been said before, so this will instead by an attempt to succinctly describe what you're in for if you decide to strap in for the ride.

Dragon Ball GT, simply put, was synthesized for cash. Coming off the end of Z, they were just trying to keep a time slot on television and needed something to air. As a consequence of this, not much care or attention was paid to what actually made its predecessors entertaining. They tried to make GT simultaneously goofy like the original, and tense and dramatic like Z, which ultimately wrecked any consistent tone it may have otherwise had. The pacing is all over the place, and as you approach the end the quality takes a steep drop. The writing is garbage, and little to no care was shown for any of the characters. If you want to watch 64 episodes of your beloved characters being mistreated that will have you reeling at how and why something so contrived and unbearable could have come into being, this is the DB series for you.