Oct 8, 2017
ToriXtra (All reviews)
Crusher Joe is a sci-fi action movie was produced by studio Sunrise and directed by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko who's not really done much in terms of directing, but more in terms of animation direction and character designs on series such as Mobile Suit Gundam. It's adapted from a series of sci-fi light novels Haruka Takachiho that were initially published in 1977.

In this movie we follow a team of Crushers comprised of Joe, Alfin, Ricky and Talos. Crushers are intergalactic jacks-of-all-trades who will take on any task for the right price. Joe and his team are tasked with helping escort a cryogenically frozen heiress to a medical facility. However, something happens during warp and they end up nowhere near where they were supposed to go, and the heiress and the people who hired them are nowhere to be found. The pirates have been playing them for fools in order to escape, but Joe doesn't like being fooled and goes to track the pirates down to get his revenge and to rescue the human cargo.

I have to give props to the animation in this movie. The movie was pretty well animated. I also really love the more cartoonish stretch and pull techniques they use to make the characters so much more expressive and alive. I am a huge sucker for things like that and I really liked that in this movie. The space dogfights and general hand to hand combat was also animated pretty well, so I have no real complaints in terms of the visuals of the movie.

The music in this movie let me down a little to be honest. I can not really remember any music at all. It almost felt like it wasn't even really there at all. Some better music definitely would have helped out during the fights and could have made the entire movie seem a lot more epic.

Overall I have to say that I really enjoyed this movie. I had been told before hand that I was probably gonng to like it, but I did not think I was going to like it as much as I did. The action in this movie was really good. They did a nice job making it so that our main characters felt strong and good at what they are doing, but at the same time they managed to keep them from being so overly strong and cool that no one would ever be a threat to them. This was shown especially during a fight at the disco where they would both beat people and get swarmed and overpowered. Other things I thought the movie did really well was the animation. The way they portrayed expression in the characters using more cartoonish animation techniques really did wonders for this movie. I also really liked that instead of having what the characters were thinking and feeling show through inner monologue, they used the animation and expressions of the characters to get that through to the viewers.

Now I have a lot of praise for the show, but I also have a few complaints. One of the complaints which you could read earlier was in the music department. I don't really remember any music from the movie, cause it really did not make an impression on me. I wish they would have got some better music cause it really could have elevated some of the scenes in this movie. Other than that it's just minor things that I think they could have explored a bit more, such as the whole Crushers organization and some more villain motivations and how they were connected to the events that took place, but I think they did an ok job at that. I would really recommend people give this movie a watch. I don't understand why it's got such a low rating on MAL, cause I think it's a lot better than what it's given credit for. I know I enjoyed it a lot.