Oct 8, 2017
Yukicorn (All reviews)
Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live is one of my favorite anime. If you have seen Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, or Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future, and you loved it, I definitely recommend this season! I don't mean to criticize, but I think their performances out-shined those in the first two Pretty Rhythm seasons.

Story- 8/10
The stories of Pretty Rhythm never fail to impress me. Often they start off light to allow viewers to explore the characters of the story, dropping hints of crucial incidents about to come and then delve into a formidable trial in the second half which portrays both physical and emotional challenges beautifully. As an anime intended to be enjoyed for all ages, the creators include friendship, familial relationships and romance that define the struggles for both middle school students to adults.

If you have never seen Pretty Rhythm and find Prism Shows- a new type of entertainment that combines singing, dancing, fashion and ice-skating, completely ridiculous, it's normal. It's one of the plot devices that can easily be overlooked.

Art- 9/10
The art style is colorful and not boring at all. They have pretty neat graphics and the shock faces are the best. The character designs allow us to easily remember them too. June's hair is already enough proof that they weren't lazy with the art.

Also hands down one of the best CG performances that I have and may will ever witness.

Sound- 10/10
Perfect score. Even as an idol anime, there are in fact a variety of different genres that portray the image of each character effectively. Also, when multiple characters come together to create a new show, it's interesting to see the representation of their combined image through their music. With a variety of different styles, it's likely that you would take an interest in at least one song; however I actually loved them all.

Characters 8/10
The main character, Naru Ayase, is a ditz and the most asked question is whether she is portrayed as a typical shoujo main character. Not going to lie, yes she is, but there are still a few perks about her that is unique. Also, the other seven characters also end up getting a fair amount of screen time dedicated to their story, they are as much of a main character as Naru and there is something to gain from their point of view. All have flaws, but the point is that all the characters grow and soon learn to become better versions of themselves.

The only problem is that the role distribution is a little strange and makes one question whether the main trio are actually the main characters. Although Naru, Ito and Ann have a lot of focus in the beginning, more supporting roles end up being crucial to the story; as such it's not quite a character-driven anime as it is story-driven.

Enjoyment 10/10
Ever since I finished Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live, I never got over it for years. I may have now but sometimes I go back to it and remember how good the story and performances were.

Overall 8/10
Before I finished the anime, I actually gave this season a perfect score because you can sense the heavy workload the creators must have incorporated into this series and up until the final few episodes and there was a huge suspense building into the actual climax as more and more CG performances were incorporated into the anime.

However, upon actually reaching the last episode I ended up with mixed feelings. Many were unhappy with the outcome, while others thought it was more realistic and made sense. They didn't really follow the traditional conventions of a competition anime where the main character continually strives to be the best which wasn't desirable for most fans. Instead, they chose a more realistic outcome that focuses on each individual's priorities and intentions, and one that is free of plot armor which I believe will most likely trigger disappointment. There was nothing in particular that made the story worse, it was simply less enjoyable upon reaching the last couple of episodes.