Oct 7, 2017
9 Seasons later and the girls have finally formed their own idol group! The intro to Teekyuu finally brings closure to a gag established a fair few seasons back. The 9th Season of Teekyuu is here, and it’s largely the same Teekyuu you know and love.

Since this is a short series, this is gonna be a short review with mostly short sentences. I liked how Yuri was made the Boke briefly in the Birthday episode. I liked the introduction of the 2 new side characters, Tennouzu Airu and Kiyozumi Shirakawa and how the series didn’t just throw them aside as one-off gags but actually developed them (however briefly). I liked the 100th episode which was essentially a character ranking episode but with the good ol’ Teekyuu twist. I liked how Marimo was the Tsukkomi for 2 episodes. Toma-Tomarin!

Teekyuu 9 excels at what Teekyuu normally excels in, frantic pacing and machinegun jokes. Although, this season’s pacing is noticeably slower than all the other seasons, with one episode even featuring an eyecatch and another episode featuring a beat panel! It’s not as slow as the dreadfully dull Usakame, but it is a bit offputting at times, especially if you’re used to the series’ madness by now. Despite being 30 seconds longer, the extra 30 seconds are dedicated to the frankly mediocre ED (Yes Teekyuu has an ED now and it’s basically idol shilling), but one wonders if the extended length contributed to the slower pacing. Think Yama no Susume when it got extended from 2-minute shorts to full episodes. Also there were some minor continuity errors but this didn’t impact my enjoyment of the show. Still, some jokes do benefit from the series’ new slower pacing, such as the aforementioned beat panel or the ending to the Marimo Tsukkomi episode.

All in all, Teekyuu 9 is a return to form after the quite frankly miserable 6th and 7th Seasons. A bit slower, but still the same Teekyuu goodness. Part of your 5-A-Day!

And as usual, if you’re a fan of the series, you’d have already watched it at least 3 times. But if you’re curious, you could always start here. Or marathon the series from episode 1 if you’re brave enough. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal when your nose starts to bleed at around the 30-minute mark.

Reviewer’s Rating: 7
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