Oct 7, 2017
Aman_Bhaskar (All reviews)
Now, Its become very common for various anime to have a prequel for them. These short episodes usually provide some background information and also fill in some plot holes for the existing series.In other words they help you to understand the series better. However, its not easy to create a prequel for a series which has not even come to existence as of now, and ironically you need to watch the real series for understanding the episode better.

Dies Irae episode 0 is a prequel for the upcoming anime "dies Irae". This episode might be better understood by the readers of the visual novel or the manga ,Tho it is also a good type of marketing strategy , as you now need to watch the anime for understanding the plot better.

Now ,There is nothing to say about the plot, because You literally wouldn't Understand anything ,In fact while watching this episode, for most part , i kept wondering what the actual hell was even going on. You start of with 1920s Nazi era, and then some random characters and fight scenes , to some more random fight scene and then to an ending which might make original evangelion's ending seem like gold. The anime obviously puts little effort to explain thing and literally forces the viewer to watch the sequel .

Apart from all this , The music of this anime is something I really enjoyed. The background theme played during the battle scenes is really done well and creates certain level hype int the viewer. The art is , to be blunt, something really ordinary and has nothing really special but the animation is really fine good and the action scenes are also really well drawn and same goes for the character design too. So overall the music and art is something I would actually praise this episode for.

Well, I cannot really criticize this series much , it being a prequel to a not even aired series and I cannot really judge if it is really doing this properly of not because I have Literally no knowledge of the plot or anything else and things might make more sense after you watch the original series. But this episode still gets the job done as it makes you really want to watch the sequel . So I would recommend you to watch this as its only just 1 episode and who knows, it might just get you interested int the real series as well