Oct 7, 2017
UltimaWeaponEX (All reviews)
Hello. This is the first time I have written a Review on MAL.

I see that there is a certain polemic on this episode, so before giving my opinion on the episode, I will talk about this polemic and my point of view.

Basically, they had no way to produce an anime and it shows ... the animation is really not terrible. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this introductory episode, this passage that highlights Reinhard was not mandatory because the base a special episode and I find it nice to highlight it directly. I see that many expect a perfect adaptation, or other people who criticize because there are Nazis, others with Fate, ect ... stop watching the animes in this case, it is not a media made for you, to be so stuck in mind. Masada wanted to share his love and wanted to pass it on to the fans, so I think we should see this for an anime for the fans, although I think we will never have the road to Rea, Kasumi, and I pass.

The budget is limited, but we had to deal with things much worse. And for the misunderstanding of the end of the episode, I can understand, but you have to know how to read correctly when Karl speaks to Reinhard, Dies Irae is philosophical and asks us to reflect on many points, especially when Karl speaks, actions that are logical. Of course, I'm a fan of Dies Irae, but I know there are blackheads in this episode, but I get the impression that most critics are really ridiculous and stops at really unimportant points. "oh my god it's incomprehensible, I stop looking, even if it's episode 0 and I'll have explanations later, no no I stop" or "there are Nazis that will not go far ". The reviews on the animation are the only ones I find acceptable, but once again at the base, this anime should never have appeared, and if it is not terrible, I invite you to inquire about the cost of producing a single episode, which is very expensive. So I have an impression that many people do not think, do not notice that it is an episode 0 and not an episode 1.

That's all for my opinion on the controversy, now my opinion.

It is true that the action happens quite quickly, but the works of Masada give a lot of details, so it is true that the transition in an alternative version can be strange, but it makes pretty good I find. The characters show up quickly enough, but we quickly get to know Reinhard and Karl, taking up the episode Die Morgendammerung. Few anime can venture to start on a demonstration of the antagonist, unlike many anime that start on "the young Hiroto is 16 years old and he lives his life in college and then ..." no, we start on a special episode that highlights the Longinus and how they became the antagonists, so it's normal I find putting fog to take part in various questions to arise on real revelations in the future. At the level of history, I enjoyed it.

The music is a cover of the Visual Novel, it sounds good and corresponds well to the action that unfolds before our eyes.

I did not like the design, not the levels of the characters who are very loyal, but at the level of some plans, but it can apologize with the limited budget even if I do not remove this defect.

In all, I liked it, and I do not understand the polemic around this episode, it is true that it can be weird for newcomers who do not know the original work, but it is a prologue episode, it's stupid to drop an Anime just for that, really. An episode so very nice and that makes me want to see the continuation.

PD: Sorry for my bad english.