Oct 5, 2017
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Fairy Tail (Review)
The story is about Lucy Heartfilia, a seventeen year old girl with the power to summon spirits using keys. She visits a city looking for special golden keys. She encounters a special wizard, Natsu Dragneel. A wizard able to use fire magic. He makes her dream come true and let her join the guild known as Fairy Tail. Natsu, Lucy and Happy (the blue cat) travel around the country doing jobs and going on many adventures. A comedy / action anime.

The story: 8,2/10
The story is quite original and has it interesting twists and turns, it’s an interesting storyline. I think it’s one of the best Shounen anime out there. If you like it you’ve the benefit that the series has 170+ episodes and a second season with 100+ episodes. With story I mean the actions and turns of events. Like for example if Fairy Tail gets attacked or an important event happens where the guild has to be at. When a villain attacks it’s usually the same though, either they get beaten up and get a powerup due to emotions. Or it’s that the villain leaves and returns later and THEN they overpower him. But the way they did that is creative, it isn’t always that the main characters save the day. The creator really makes it important that the other characters count, making them important to the story. Almost each character in the guild will be used in at least every 20 episodes. (Depending how long the different arcs last.) The story involves a lot of emotional moments and if you’re not into that you could either ignore it or don’t watch this. One thing you’ll encounter A LOT are tragic backstories. Most of the villains have them, so do the main characters.

The sound: 7/10
I took me a very long time just to finish season 1, I watched it in the Dub and I think it’s quite good. I have tried a few episodes in the sub and I don’t really have a preference but if I had to suggest one it would be the dub, for the rest the sounds are good. Not really that special though. I do really LOVE the main theme, the soundtrack is good.

The artstyle: 6/10
It’s more of casual artstyle and isn’t that special. I do really like the clothing designs throughout the anime.
The animation: 9,5/10
The did a really good job on this, especially the spirits (which Lucy can summon with her keys.) and attacks. The animation of the special attacks of each character are beautiful. I love the ice attacks the most because they have all kinds of different shapes and usages.

Characters: 6,5/10
The characters are pretty casual, the quickly-angry main character Natsu, the useless-without-her-keys Lucy, the constantly-loses-his-shirt Gray and the overpowered-with-a-tragic-backstory Erza. The rest of the characters in the guild are also pretty basic but then again it’s hard to make an anime that is original in every way, has good comedy and a PERFECT storyline.

All ratings together smashed into one would be.. Fairy Tail’s rating is: 7,4