Oct 5, 2017
nitwitsworld (All reviews)
I give this series an 8000 outta 9000! And lots of kittens too. And doggies are cute in this show. I love how the chocolate plays a role in the series. Truly a masterpiece children will watch for years to come. :) Many of us will look back on this series and be like "why haven't I ever heard of this fine work of art?" It's so good that you will be dropping your PS4 Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy playthrough and watch 26 episodes and a movie of this show back to back for 24 hours a day seven days a week. Screw One Piece and their 9000 episode of filler cringe? This is the anime that's bringing the industry back from the stone age. Hopefully, Slugbox will make great fanart of this show just to show those haters that this show is golden and needs a second chance on the Toonami block. If Tenchi Muyo! can come back to television? So can this show. #InukamiOnToonami

Who's with me?