Oct 4, 2017
rhymekun (All reviews)
Nothing much to say. Like what the description says, it's the recap on the first half of the TV series (ep 1~7). It's been so long since I've watch the series so when the season 2 was announce, the recap movies was a good refresher to quench my hype. They even promise to add some scenes. Turns out it was a disappointment... The added "scene was just *SPOILER ALERT* the MC in his real body booting up the dive machine and that's it... They even remove some parts (example: where the party Swords of Darkness hired the MC, the MC showed his face under his helmet buy using an illusion to fool them). Haven't watch part 2 of the recap yet but from my experience from this, mostly likely it will also be a disappointment...

Story: 9
Art: 3 (they should have improved the fight scenes...)
Sound: 8
Character: 9
Enjoyment: 1

Overall: 6

Basically if you haven't watch the TV series yet and doesn't want hearing the OP, ED, and previews go for it. Otherwise, aid advice stay away (the OP rocks anyway)