Oct 4, 2017
evoniee (All reviews)
Because this show is so underrated, i write for you my experience and hoping you to watch this good series.

The story revolve around Hina-nectar, local heroine team from Hinano city, developing their team from zero to hero with their vigorous spirit and determination. (cuteness and generous included).
The story is heart-warming and not boring at all, the action and character development really balanced and pleasing. The comedy and cuteness are great and i really love it !

Story - 7
The story is well built, starting with the background story of the trending Local Heroine and the obligation, into the story of each team member. A decent SoL with progressing and challenging story.

Art - 8
The artstyle is cute and balanced, not too vivid but really fit the genre and the anime at all.
The animation is enough, not so amazing but not disappointing. The character emotion and expression is the most i love.

Sound - 8
VA is good enough, quite memorable. BGM and sound effect are well, its fit the anime as a whole. OP and ED are good, not a type of auto skip.

Character - 8
They made this anime with really good character design and story, also fit with the artstyle and VA. All of the main character is interesting and has their own backstory and personality, really pleasing.

Enjoyment and directing - 9
Overall, this is a good SoL progressing and challenging. The heart-warming and cutness really satisfying, the humour and comedy is not gonna disappointing.

Overall score - 8
This anime really pleasing than a normal SoL that did nothing in whole all episode. You should give this a chance.