Oct 2, 2017
Reunion (Anime) add (All reviews)
Litvyak (All reviews)
Reunion is a hentai I always come back to because it does so many things right when it comes to hentai. For starters, it is unique in that the main guy never talks. You only hear Rie and Mao the whole time. I don't particularly like it when males talk in hentai so this is a big plus for me. When it comes to hentai it should be all about the girls and this is the main focus of Reunion.

Story - 5
The story revolves around a student having a relationship with his teacher and a fellow student. Really plain and simple.

Art - 10
PoRO did a great job with the artwork and animation in this hentai. Rie looks simply amazing and very attractive in and out of her clothing, especially when she's in tights. She is slim with nice curves, amazing legs and large tits. Really an amazing character design. Mao is also great, with smaller tits. The animation is also good. There is good flow during scenes and not many still frames other than the main guy who is pretty motionless throughout the hentai. His face is also never shown. The characters have sex in many different angles and positions. Backgrounds are pretty mediocre, as most scene takes place inside rooms but that is not an issue as the focus should be on Rie and Mao anyways.

Sound - 8
The sound is good. The soundtrack during scenes is mellow piano music that sets the mood. There aren't really any background noises. The guy never talks which is a polarizing thing but for me it is nice. The voice acting of Rie is really good. She has a really nice voice and even nicer moans. She really knows how to get into it during sex scenes and does not disappoint. Mao's voice acting isn't as great but isn't bad either. Mao gets a lot less airtime as well. Copulation sounds are great. Wet, loud, and goes well with the moans of Rie and Mao. In the end Rie's voice steals the show.

Character - 5
Characters are pretty weak. Rie and Mao don't really have personalities. They are just two girls that are attracted to the main guy and just have sex with him whenever they can.

Overall this is a very good series for those looking for some good hentai scenes and nothing more. If the characters were developed more this easily could have been an outstanding hentai.