Oct 1, 2017
OvOAllen (All reviews)
I can’t speak for people who watched this the sub but if you did, I have four short words for you, GO WATCH THE DUB! Holy shit this show’s story and characters were all, trash but the dub is fucking hilarious. The thing about the dub is they make it to where they know the show is trash and a joke so they use the trashiness to their advantage by making jokes you can’t make in any other show than a trash show. I mean what other series make jokes about cucks and raps about pussy. The only comparison I can see with this show is Ghost stories. Ghost stories is a series where the Japanese partners gave the dub almost complete freedom to do whatever the hell they wanted. Whoever wrote the script for the English dub is a genius

Probably give this show a 7.5 or 8 BUT ONLY IF IT IS THE DUB