Sep 30, 2017
BriefEd (All reviews)
Started watching because I'm a huge lolicon. Ended up loving nearly everything else and at times even forgetting to stare at the pantsu. Be adviced that watching this and getting upset for showing off underaged girls and being more about a relaxed mood than some deep story is like watching a basketball anime and getting upset because you hate sports.

Expect to see a finely distributed little collection of fine little bodies, however that's not where this anime shines because those short scenes are just small bits of service woven into the story in a fun way. Music is a highly personal thing and taste may differ greatly, that aside however the pieces generously included are of very high average quality with rich sound and gently peppy rock tunes. As for the story it's not important and something you're better off not reading or caring much about, this is a show that is meant to be enjoyed as a relaxing oasis of sweet tunes and sweet girls that just once in a while pinches you in the ticker to make sure you don't get lulled to sleep.