Sep 29, 2017
Moorym (All reviews)
Girls Bravo is one of the best underrated Ecchi anime i ever know, it's story is a bit harem cliche but it's good kind of cliché with alot of interesting characters. Girls Bravo is released on 2014 so it's Art can be consider as good that time, the character art is a real deal too, i'm also amazed with the background art of Miharu's place on that chase scene - it's very classic that looks like mykonos traditional houses.

I like many of the characters of this anime because of their unique characteristics(that time). MC-kun is pretty unique character, he's the type of guy who's a passive charmer and easy to be root on romance animes. There's a lot of interesting characters but i prefer Koyomi the most, she a kuudere and a "ii hito" girl, for me she's the perfect girl for Yukinari-kun for some unmentionable reasons(spoilers) and she's god damn cute too.

Overall it's a good classic rom-com anime, the story might be slow-paced sometimes but that what makes Girl Bravo a good mellow anime.

ps. I'll give the fan service 10/10