Sep 28, 2017
Moorym (All reviews)
akariin~ Yuri Yuri is a really great Seinen x Slice of Life, even my buddies who are not really a fan of all girls anime completed season one with a lol. Yuri Yuri is one of the best example of animes that represents Timelessness because it doesn't gets old(watched in 2017) and can be watch in anytime,

There are only few changes from the Season 1, they've focus to the other characters such as Sakurako, Himawari and Akari's Onee-chan, also, there are some development to the relationship of the characters and to the story as well.

It's Light Yuri makes the character more interesting like Yui-chan and Ayano-chan. Also, the comedy of this anime is good, their gags are not forced and smooth as always.

All in all it was a great refreshing season 2 of Yuru Yuri that continued the legacy of season 1, niraka~