Sep 26, 2017
KANLen09 (All reviews)
Before we get into this, assume that you have watched Season 1 back in 2015! I have personally never watched the first season myself, so I'll try my best to sum up Season 2 with hints from other reviewers who have watched before.

Following Season 1's sequence of events, it's been a year at Eagle Jump with the usual team, and intending to take up a notch higher, Aoba Suzukaze and her team helms out a new project after the previous season (Fairies 3) with PECO as their (surprise, surprise) NEW GAME!!

Everything you know from the 2015 entry replicates here, if not even better. The focus now is more on Aoba, having done their work before, and facing more problems in the workplace, and working them out with the Eagle Jump crew, one bit at a time.

And (not a surprise), all the melodrama mix of comedy, action, fun and excitement comes in the form of the continuous show aspects we all know, and wasn't disappointed one bit!

Probably the biggest change is that of the addition of characters: Momiji and Narumi. Both characters come in the form alike when Aoba first jumped onto the scene in Season 1, competitive and living their jobs as their talent. Supposedly this in question is to keep the series fresh as it as, and because not a whole lot was done to add towards the story, but its deliverance is what matters.

And yet again, the producers kept a fine job by replicating the manga source material which continues their journey making games, and it was a heck of a job well done.

The usual suspects are the best part about this show, being work-fuzzy and having fun all at the same time. For those who have watched the first season, some characters reprised their roles for something else, and while they have upgraded their skills, everything is left intact for what they do, and is a good improvement.

Again, Doga Kobo reprises the art and animation, and hell yeah, a lot better here if not more so. I'm always a fan favourite of shows from them (Plastic Memories, Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi, Gabriel DropOut), so to know that their art is nothing short of fantastic with light shaded art and blissful animation that meshes so well together, I couldn't look away at both aspects which are just nice to experience and watching every second of it.

What better than to have the main seiyuus come together and sing one of your favourite songs?

Easily (also) one of the highlights of this show, fourfolium (made up of the main MCs) has done both OP and 2 EDs, and to my honesty, very light-hearted and a delight to listen to, and the OST is worthy of any mp3 playlist, seriously! The BGM fits well onto the scenes it plays with, the music ever ringing in my ears, nothing to complain about!

This is a huge improvement over the first season, and I must say, it was truly satisfying to watch the cast treading along their troubles and solving it with their element of fun, and along with the oh-so-nice BGM, this is a show that is easily recommended, especially for people who just want a show to relax to and a story that is worth telling.

Now I've gotta go and catch up the first season, so ciao!