Sep 26, 2017
Chris_Eclair (All reviews)
Prepare to apologize to your parents, this is New Game! Season 2
New Game!! has just finished airing and it wasn't a surprise that it lived up to its name and first season.

The new season brings more yuri bait and this time it's stronger than ever.
The closeups are too powerful for the brain of an average yuri fan to handle. Therefore I do not recommend watching this anime if your IQ is less than 70.

As we see the character design team sweat and struggle over the creation of their next game, in which the main character Aoba plays an important role, we are introduced to new characters that bring challenge and trouble to our main cast, though only for a while since they can't keep up that entire act for too long before the fans start hating them.

The mind blowing art of your typical moeblob can be freely observed in this show, as characters have balloon-like pouty cheeks, everyone looks like they're 10-16 though they're 19-25 and the endearing aura is very distinctive.

The sound was almost as good as last season's. Though I'd love to hear some more tablet tapping. Nice/Nice

The cast still consists of our main, almost cliche, hardworking protagonists until the two new girls get hired, Momo and The Other One. Momo's here to get to the top and is going to be a bitch about it, while The Other One is just running away from the family business and is also going to be a bitch about it.
Oh yeah there's that one businesswoman too. No one cares.

New Game!! is evidence that moeshit isn't always bad and can sometimes be enjoyable.
It's cliche sometimes and its plot isn't too original, though it manages to be funny, interesting and fairly amusing. Going in with high expectations is a big mistake though, and if you do it you'll be disappointed big time. And so will your parents.