May 8, 2010
Akachi_Tem (All reviews)
After I finished the original Karin,I decided to take a look at those short stories just so it could be complete.

I found them all,despite being short,to be quite joyful and it was a nice flavour after the end of Karin(Chibi Vampire).
In one of the stories we get to see a little side-story of Tokitou Maki,I'm glad the mangaka gave this character such spotlight cause despite being Karin's best friend she didn't appear as much and still supported her from backstage.So it made me glad that the mangaka didn't forget her in the end.

As my personal favorite of those three stories I gotta admit that the third touched me.Well,here the mangaka introduces us three new characters but it's alright,they're easy to remember and easily likeable.While not something too original it was told well and the interactions of the characters made it my instant favorite of all the three short stories.

Well,you can't expect too much character development from those but we got to see some from the old characters I guess.

To those reading my "review" and are wondering why I rated it so high,then it's mostly cause I enjoyed it.I believe that no matter how good the story,the characters or the art is,if a manga is lacking something,which words cannot define and humans can't either,such as the ability to offer enjoynment to the reader then it really has no future.That's why you get to see out there so many famous mangas out there,I would avoid naming some,wo lack a decent story or have lost it in the process.They happen to offer some kind of an enjoyment.

So always keep in mid that when a manga is making you feel good when reading it,then it surely is good,at least for you.

I'd recommend this three short stories only to those who have read Karin before as this has kind of relation to it.

It doesn't have to actually meet high standards to be good,just remember it and I hope everyone keeps enjoying reading manga.