Sep 25, 2017
Stranger_Hanyo (All reviews)
Another season, another cute girls doing cute things show.

Welcome to Tenshi no 3P! another boring show with moments of excitements that you can find in almost any cute girl anime. Our protagonist Kyou is an average schooler with a passion for music. He loves to make music and is, unsurprisingly, a NEET. With a cute little sister at home, his only aim in life is shown to be making music.

But a NEET can't stay one forever in an anime, so a bunch of cute girls come along and ask him to help them for a band. He agrees and what follows is your usual anime plot.

STORY: Extremely predictable, Tenshi no 3P! has one of the weakest storylines of this season. Kyou meets girls, they try to seduce him, exciting moments and the end.

ART: This is one part where Tenshi did okay. The characters look good, the scenery appears beautiful and the girls look cute. No complaints.

SOUND: Being a music focused anime, I thought that I'd get some good OPs and EDs to download. While they may sound good to some, I hated them nonetheless.

CHARACTER: Don't expect any huge character developments from the show. Kyou remains shy as ever, the girls get cuter and my ship doesn't sail(Booooo).

ENJOYMENT: If you are in for cute girl stuff, you have hit the mark. There are plenty of tingling and exciting moments. Abundance of pantsu shots and whatnot, so if you love them you are in for a ride. Just don't expect to get overwhelmed watching Tenshi no 3P! It really sucks.

Conclusion? If you have nothing to do in life(like me) you can probably watch it. Otherwise, rewatch your old favorites. I should have done the same too.