May 8, 2010
Maz-Maz (All reviews)
Running around in circles...
Have you ever heard of that line?
Well, this story doesn't even do that, it goes around in loops, half finnished circles and the author expects us to get going with the story.

Contradiction, after contradiction; HOW MANY contradictions am I (the reader) supposed to ignore?!

The plot is practically a bunch of scribbles, a nonsensical pile of words. Honestly, if it were a oneshot, it would've been good but the writer stretched the story so long that there is barely any story intact; it is like a standing stick in the mud.

First, it's about a depressed girl,
THEN, it's about having fun,
AND THEN, it's a conspiracy?

How the hell, did you get from depressed girl to conspiracy? Because it's not something I can swallow well.

The plot and characters got over-complicated as the story went on, as I was reading it, I couldn't get my head into the story. It shouldn't be surprise then to learn that this story, aside from its name, couldn't attract or inspire the reader's attention.

It was like reading in monotone.

Its like...

White socks, plain and boring.

So if you'd like trying to read a white sock instead of wearing one, then do as you like.