Sep 24, 2017
riorangel21 (All reviews)
Recently, Ufotable's production is just not that great, having these very poor/one sided characters and somewhat very linear story making some of their modern shows very predictable. It's just the same for Katsugeki/ Touken Ranbu. I'd rather say that this show was produced just to advertise the original game. I don't blame ufotable that much on this one because they really can't control the content by themselves but I do think the studio can do better than this. Ever since Unlimited Blade Works was produced, ufotable's overall direction went downhill. Tho I highly praised them with their stellar visuals but it's not the same like Fate/Zero and Kara no Kyoukai. Katsugeki/ Touken Ranbu's direction is quite generic I would say.

The show struggled on pacing, developing its characters and this very weird 1st episode. They just throws you right into the action without explaining anything on what's happening. The show is like forcing you to understand and feel bad for the characters without giving you any major knowledge about them. ( Minor Spoiler ) There's also this one episode where someone died but I just don't care because how plain the character was.

All I can say that the series lacks alot, noticeable flaws making this show generic and plain on the direction part. Although the show is very pretty but I don't know if people would like this show or not. Do I recommend you to watch it? Yeah sure, why not for starters or for you guys who just love action but I won't recommend this for people who takes anime as a serious subject/medium. For my perspective, the show is just an advertisement for the game. ( most likely for additional content ) Games like this often doesn't really work on this medium, the game has its own charm to it that you can't just take and put it on the adaptation.

Overall - 5/10 it's not bad, it's just that ufotable can do better than this, I know they can pull it off.