Sep 21, 2017
chika-chii (All reviews)
This is my first review, and i just want to do because i really love this manga. I will not do any spoilers aside from the summary or tags from this manga

Well, to start a TL;DR in topic:
> romance whith childhood friends (this is a big point, i just want to read some manga wtith this)
> figth whit big girls, big cenarios
> lovely characters, every one of them
> heartwarming feelings everytime the female mc smile, figth or discover her love
>drama and suspense, u want to know more about the change event

So, my long review

Story 8/10
At principle, its a simple battle shounen whith romcom, there is a guy and a girl, childhood friends, she is tsundere and he is just simple. Then suddenly, it occours some event that turn this girls big.
So basically, a manga about a big high school girl figthing another girls who want to destroy everything, and with a romance too, its nothning amazing but its nice to read

Art 10/10
The art is amazing, big cenarios, destruiction, big girls fighting, has everithing cool. The figth scene has blood, trains, cars being throw, its amazing

Characters 9/10
Like i said, the both MCinitial are just a tsundere girl and a simple guy. But the interactions of both are just amazing along the manga, they both discovering love, and the other characters too. Every 'villain' character has a backstory, and this story convinces you of their actions

Enjoyment 10/10
I usually dont like romance, but this manga get my attention. Both MC discovering love is what make me read, its so heartwarming, every chapter, and the drama from every side character is amazing too

Overall 9/10
Its nothing new, but mix everything and its a excelent manga. I recomend to everyone who wants a heartwarming romcom with battle too